So, we are starting a new experiment in school.  Our easy scholarships to apply for class is going to be raising and nurturing butterflies.  We ordered a kit recently and are awaiting the caterpillars.  We cannot be more excited.  In the kit, it comes with a butterfly garden.  The caterpillars come in a jar with enough food to feed them until they become butterflies.  Then, once they’ve hatched from their cocoons, you can keep them for about 2 days then set them free.  This is so exciting.  We do things like this on occasion to liven things up.  It’s always good to try new things.  Once the butterflies are set free we can look around for more caterpillars or order some more.

Fire Drill

So we were in consolidation loans for people with bad credit class today and we were really into what we were learning. Next thing you knew we were all jumping about 10 feet in the air due to the fire alarm going off. Have you ever experienced that? It really gets you off track. One minute you are minding your own business, the next, you are distracted. Once you get outside, all you can do is talk amongst each other and try to figure out what happened and if there is a fire. Once you get back to what you are doing it is definitely more difficult to get back into the swing of things.


It’s starting to get so cold that we need to go invest in more blankets. I’m not used to the weather going from hot to immediately freezing cold. I’m used to a more mild temperature where you go from sweltering hot, to gradually cold. I can’t say that I’m complaining much though as it’s definitely not as hot here as it was in our old city. So, I guess I can live without getting to open my windows up much. You trade one thing for another. I’m just glad I am able to be a part of my teds woodworking review group here in this town.


If you didn’t think certain shakes were good for you and help you loose weight, think again! My husband and I were at the end of our weight loss and couldn’t seem to get the last bit of belly fat off. We were looking into some options, pills, different diets, different things to eat or not eat. Then we came across a protein shake and lo and behold it works great. We are so thankful that we found it online.  We weren’t actually looking for it, it’s a blessing, I was actually looking up information on consolidation loans for bad credit and came across an ad.

I need to get a new car, I haven’t decided on which one I will get though. There are so many out there and so many to choose from. How does one decide, do I invest and pay a bit more for a hybrid, are there hybrids out there that are comfortable and don’t cost a fortune. What color, what model. This is one of those times that I wish there were only a couple of cars to choose from. Now, there are so many it’s hard to decide. I don’t need to go very far, my work and my anatomy and physiology study guide classes are both only about 30 minutes from my home. On to the searching.

New Diet

We have started a new diet officially and I am so very excited. Previously, I was eating grits in the morning, then a light snack, usually an apple or some canned chicken with crackers. Then for lunch, I would have a tomato sandwich. Mid afternoon I would normally have some popcorn or another light snack. Dinner is usually some chicken with either rice or a vegetable. Once per week we normally have a cheat night where we would order some pizza or something. We have now replaced breakfast and lunch with shakes. We’ll see how it goes.  I think I’ll pack my dinner for my no essay scholarships class on Wednesday nights to overcome the temptation to over eat bad food.

Pizza Night

Well, here we are again, tomorrow is pizza night at our wacky scholarships group. Which kind will we have now? There are just too many to choose from. I remember years ago, I think you had a bout 3 choices, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage, now they have so many specialty pizzas, it’s hard to choose. I have even seen a pizza that was made like a Philadelphia cheese steak, and buffalo wings. Delicious decisions, what are we going to do. At least it’s finally the weekend.

City Zoo

I am really looking forward to going to the zoo this Friday for our daughters field trip. She is home schooled and this is her first opportunity she has to meet other kids her age that are home schooled also. It is really important to us that she gets to enjoy other kids that have the same schedule and goes to school at their homes as well. We are really excited about this trip. This is her second year in home school but her first outing. I think she will have a lot of fun and not feel like she’s the only one doing this.

I at least get the day off from work from my debt consolidation loans bad credit company.  I can’t wait.

The Battle of Money With Education

As we look at what is available for people to got to school, we run into a few problems that many are experiencing. The first problem that many have is the entry point into college. In fact, college has become so expensive that people do not want to go because of the cost. This happens, even though there are scholarships that are available for people to go to school. In have read quite a few blogs online and I see that there are many people who have a dream of going to college, but they are not sure how they can afford it. Because of this, the government has set up a plan to help people get the money that they need to go to college. Even with this, some people feel that the student loans that they get will not be enough to pay for school. Although this is a very common issue, I have found that people who do go to school more than pay for their students loans.

The next question that people have is about scholarships. What really happens when people need money? Is there a percentage ofart1 people who do qualify for scholarships programs but never apply? Yes, there are quite a few different types of scholarship program that are available. Depending on what State someone is in will determine if they are able to get a scholarship. Depending on what major someone is going to enroll in, it will determine is there is anything that is available for them to get any type of funding for. A person who would like to major in art, will obviously want to try to get art scholarships.  Also, if there are any art schools, sometimes they will issue out funding to students going to school.

To show you how diverse these scholarships are, Target has released a scholarship that will help people who are majoring in the Arts. If you are an art student, one of the best ways to find out what is available for you is to talk to other art students and see what they have come across. Often if you will just speak to someone who is at a local college, then you could find out the journey that they have taken along the way. For example, when one person started they may have had a hard time even getting into college without a scholarship or without any type of funding. What challenges this person had to go through in order to enroll as a freshman? If they are not a freshman and they are a junior or senior then what types of challenges did they have when they were going to their classes? You can inquire about any teachers that were of any help to them while they were going through school.. Also, during this time was there anything that they accomplished or any challenge that they had overcome that defined who they are right now.art3

What you may find is that are a lot of the students that you talk to would have gone through something. They may have gone through some financial problems are they may have gone through some creative problems. This is especially true if they are an art major. Also, why did they major in art? This creativity come natural to them. Or did they learn how to be creative while they were in college. Understanding the creativity comes different each person, this is a great point to bring up when you talk to an art student. As you begin to talk to this student, they may be able to give you some ideas on different scholarships that are offered by their particular college or scholarship art programs that are offered in the city that may be of help to you.

With the arts, there is always something going on and it is always a good idea to find out what that is. For example, there may be plays, there may be fashion shows, and there might even be art contest that can help you get some of your artwork out there or even help you find people to talk to in a particular area. It is a have to be art, but our people are generally very social people and they are also usually very friendly. There are some eccentric people and there are people who like to write and other that don’t, those people usually try to get no essay scholarships , while people who do will write a 5000 word dissertation on any subject given. Everyone has different talents and this is especially true and very noticeable when we get to the subject of art.

If you run into somebody that is not too friendly then talk to one of the art teachers and ask them what experience they had. Did they go to that college and major in art and then return and teach that college? Although we know that we are discouraged from getting a PhD from the same college and get a masters degree at, not everybody follows that rule. There are many teachers who did receive a Masters degree and from there they went on to get a PhD at the same school because it was simply more convenient. Although I may have gotten a little off topic here, there is definite help if you need it, especially in the arts. I have found the people who are the nicest are the ones that have had to overcome a lot of challenges while they are at school. For some, college can be a very humbling experience especially if the curriculum is a little difficult.art5

But, do not let any of this discourage you. If there is a college near you try to go and see if you can talk to an advisor or see if you can talk to one of the students or they can direct you to someone who is getting a masters in art. The bottom line is that there are many different opportunities that you can take a hold of when you are looking to get an art degree. Although scholarship programs are never guaranteed, financial aid to the government is usually guaranteed if you meet a certain criteria. If you are over the age of 24 years old then you do not have to use your parents as a source of income. This means that you might be able to get awarded grant money from the school that you are going to. All in all, this is going to be a wonderful experience for you.

On Our Way!

I am finally going to be on my way to a new place to share some of my thoughts. I have quite a bit of information that I want to share that has been given to me.  On this blog, you will get it all, including my opinion.